How much money can be made with Adult Cam Site?

How much money you can make in video chat depends on several factors including marketing & promotion, quality and quantity of chat models, time spent online, and other factors.

Like any business there are all kinds of variables, but this quick Webcam Revenue Calculator can help answer at least a couple of these questions.

Complete the simple form below and then press CALC. Experiment by changing values such as number of performers and the number of hours you expect each to chat each day to see what kinds of gross sales projects you can achieve.

(a) Number of performers

Enter the number of cam models you expect to hire in the first month

(b) Hours per day (4 is average)

Enter the # of hours you expect each to work each day

(c) # of broadcast days / week

Enter number of days each cam model will broadcast / week. Typical:4

(d) Price per minute

Price-per-minute you plan to charge. $4.99 is typical

(e) Estimated Conversion Rate (25% is average)

Estimated percentage of time spent in paid chat. Enter as decimal. Example: Enter .25 for 25%, enter .50 for 50%, etc

Total online minutes per month

This is the total number of minutes available to sell per month.

Private minutes sold per month

This is the total number of minutes you will sell per month

(h) Estimated Monthly Sales

This is the total estimated gross income from your sales for that month.

How to use

Enter the # of chat models you plan to hire in section A, how many hours per day you think they will chat into section B, and how many days a week you think they will chat in section C, followed by how much you plan to charge per minute in to section (d). $5.00 per minute is average.

Next, enter how well you expect your performers (who are in reality, sales people) to Convert your website's casual chat visitors into paying customers into section E. Enter this as a decimal. Enter 0.10 for 10%, 0.20 for 20%, etc. We suggest that you be conservative in your estimates. The average conversion rate for english-speaking chat models from Canada, The United States and Great Britain is around 35% (.35), with all other countries hovering around 23.7% (0.237)

Finally, enter how much you plan to charge per minute in (e), then click CALC THIS. Your gross sales will appear in (H). This number does not include the cost of your models, you need to deduct the models cost, transaction fees to find out your profit.

(*) The Conversion Rate is also affected by the type of 'traffic', or customers who visit your website. "Targeted" or qualified traffic can increase your conversion rate substantially.